New evidence of paid protesting

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who's paying for protesters to go to various cities and protest events on the ground. the paper trail usually leads to big names like MORE, and George Soros. however something sparked my interest in the ability to buy violent protests in the street anywhere in the United States you wanted.

What I found even more disturbing was the fact that if it's that easy to shut down any intersection, or even an entire Interstate System, could this be exploited by our enemies like Iran, Russia, China, or even ISIS. Because the interstate system is designed to allow our military forces to quickly move from their bases to any city in the country, if you shut this down with citizens, the military will be less likely to force their way through the crowds, this at the very least creates a serious delay before help can arrive during an attack.

It seems logical that if you're the enemy and you want to cripple the ability for ground troops to respond quickly to an attack, you would also tie up all resources the police has available to a single location, then no one will be able to respond quickly enough for a terrorist attack on any building, airport, power station, etc.

These are all serious risks, and no one seems to be doing anything about exposing the movement for what it is. while this may not directly be an attack itself, it's showing our enemies how effective it is. there's a reason you can't shutdown roadways in countries like China or Russia, they view this as a weakness to respond to an attack.

We at Consternation Security have been working on tearing down the leadership of the opferguson movement since it was based on false facts and showed to be violent and mainly controlled from the outside. we decided to start with the most radical of them all, this was Bassem Masri, He was about to take a trip to Berkely California with 2 other streamers.

Proof of middle eastern influence 

Proof of American activism against the US Military

Our goal was to not only create a sense of paranoia during the entire trip, but also notify law enforcement in California, and Nevada to be on the look out for their vehicle. so on DEC 12TH, 2014, we published the license plate and vehicle information for what they were driving.

more on Bassem here

This allowed Law Enforcement to closely monitor their movements and activities state to state, and track where they were staying while in California. Next we moved on to what may have been the easiest person to break down. His nickname is VanMan and lives in California, he is part of the FTP crew, against both Police and Military, also against Israel. which is one reason we had no problem going for him. tearing down his psychological well being was done over a period of about two weeks utilizing many methods from in person psychological warfare to digital attacks. by creating a constant state of paranoia we were able to destroy his public image and made him a complete joke to the world who watched his streams.

Next we hit decided to see how willingly these protesters would go to a city and shutdown streets for whatever reason they are told to. so we contacted StackIzShort who has moved to the twitter handle Fergusonstream1 after having her main account suspended for making a death threat against iHazCandy with a picture of a gun. Because of that threat, we were relentless in tearing her down and everyone around her. after she reached a point where her entire life was turned upside down, she had no other options but to come work for us.
(StackIzShort has been restored as of Tuesday 02 June 2015 you can find her there)

We already knew she was hungry for money, after we setup a Honeypot to feel her out. after offering her a job to take a trip to Houston, Texas to protest Ted Cruz for being Canadian, she agreed for $1,000 a week plus travel expenses, which came out to be $150. we paid the travel expenses up front to to make it seem more realistic, and started the planning phase of the project.

I explained to her that the goal of the protest was to be anti-Canadian, and chant things like  "GO HOME CANADIANS". while she was a little resistant at first, she agreed to do it so long as she didn't have to publicly tweet out the racial chants against Canadians. we found it very interesting that someone involved with a movement who claims to be against racism, Black Lives Matter, was willing to utilize racist chants against the Congressman Ted Cruz.

Below you can follow along the conversation to see how we were able to use their greed for money as a reason to sell their soul to the devil and go against everything they claim to be about.

The Ferguson Stream Team.

Stacks, RAF, we could have left you stranded in Houston.
See how nice we really are?
You can reach ThatsRacistAF at 314-827-9937
She should rename her handle to IMRacistAF
Why you hate Canadians?

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