Social Engineering of Bassem Masri

There is one thing I have very little tolerance for. that's hate against my country, hate against my flag. hate against our closest allies. in this case Israel, which I hold a deep love and respect for.

In my research of occupy / Anonymous / Activism in general, I ran across someone by the name of Bassem Masri. Who holds a ton of hate for America, burns American flags while spitting on them, all while inciting violence against Police officers.

So to give him some Consternation, I followed him closely, even down to the vehicle he drove to California. A 1997 Toyota Camry, 4 Dr, light blue, Arizona plate BGW0504.

In the process, I was able to Social Engineer the Cell Phone for Occupythemob, another Anti-America Activist, and gain the physical location they were stranded at with a flat tire and no spare.

He was very angry over this.

So, to continue my battle against abusive occupiers on american soil, I focused my eye on Bassem, and obtained his cell phone number, and the address of his father's business which he uses for receiving packages and court notices i'm sure.

What was it you said Bassem?
I can't do Sh*t?

Your phone number is 314-399-2670
Your Father runs Yeatman Market at 4401 Athlone Ave Saint Louis MO 63115

I sent Bassem an email claiming to be the CEO of a non-existent company wanting to donate hardware to his anti-government agenda. he was more than happy to receive it.

To: bassemmasriftp@gmail.com

Hello, My name is Greg Garner. I'm the CEO of Action Water Sports in San Francisco. One of our staff members told me about what you're doing to expose Police Brutality this morning. After being shown a video of your phone being destroyed, we would love to assist your movement. and are going to donate 3 portable waterproof battery units and a brand new waterproof GoPro Hero4 to increase your broadcast quality.

Please let me know where you would like these shipped, and a phone number where I can reach you directly to discuss other ways we may be able to help.

Greg Garner
Chief Executive Officer
Action Water Sports

From: bassemmasriftp@gmail.com

Thank u so much for the consideration I really appreciate that, those tools will help 
So much can send it to my fathers business 4401 athlone saint Louis mo 63115 my number is 3143992670 im very grateful and flattered u would Donate those tools can call me anytime 

U mad bro?

Please help if you're able for more lulz.