Weapons of War used by Anonymous Hackers

A look inside the weapons used by Anonymous Hackers.

Police Departments should be on the look out for these devices when conducting a visual or physical search of a vehicle during a traffic stop. The first device is called a WIFI Pineapple and the Raspberry PI. they are hardware based solution for cloning, hacking, and jamming wireless communications. There is no reason for this device to be legal in the United States. as it is only used to break into networks.

Next is the USB wireless adapter made by ALPHA networks. this is a wireless device that allows long distance wifi. The hacker could be down the street, yet probing a network for private data like they were in the living room. While just having one of these does not say they are doing anything wrong, it does say their notebook should be examined for evidence of scanning for wireless networks.

If someone is caught scanning wifi networks, their information should be shared with the FBI so they can be monitored for illegal activity. there is nothing legal about breaking into someones network, even if they just want to send an email.

Another tool used is by Anonymous Hackers is a blue tooth hacking device, these allow a Hacker to gain access to cellphones that do not have wifi enabled. if they gain access to a cell phone, images can be downloaded, text messages can be leaked, and the phone itself can be cloned.

These are just a few of the weapons used by Anonymous, I've seen everything from Pringles can antennas, to elaborate custom headliners and antennas built into car seats to make wardriving easier for the mobile hacker.