Anonymous Hackers will strike soon with Drones

There are many reasons why Anonymous Hackers pose a danger to the general population. in the underground world where the hackers pray on the innocent and sharpen their skills. there are members of Anonymous working to create home made drones. these drones can be used to gain intelligence against the United States Military and Government Agencies. 

Being small and light with long range, they will hover just above the tree line while they crack encrypted communications, then relay that data to a safe location where the one controlling the drone is never found.
There have been people seeking more information on what vulnerabilities the drones operated by the united states can be exploited. one method they are using is called GPS Spoofing, this allows the hacker to trick the drone into thinking it is somewhere else, and it can be made to crash into a building, or land in a secret location so it can be stolen.

If hackers gain control of our drones, they could easily turn them against the general public who are unaware of the lurking danger right above them. the dangers I have spoken about are real, and drones have already been hacked. anyone seeking information on drones, their communications, limitations, and how to build them should be considered a threat to national security.